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Proactive not reactive

CFM provides a Community Gate-keeping Service which is trusted and seen as a point of reference to other organisations committed to regeneration and development of areas.


We foster a number of relationships with organisations that" seek to strengthen community ties and benefit the lives of the local community."


We actively engage with the community through partnership working, maintaining a high level of communication to develop and maintain new and existing initiatives.

We advocate for and actively recruit from the local labor force, forging relationships, and boosting employee retention rates.

We pride ourselves on the excellent working relationship we have with the Police Safer Neighbourhoods schemes across London and East Anglia.


We have developed and hosted tailor specific community engagement programmes. Whereby members of the community are able to interact and socialise with each other. Such programmes act as a tool to educate and spread awareness of pertinent issues.


We utilise various initiatives and methods to assist with the overall cohesion and general safeguarding of the communities we work for.


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