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As highly responsive curators of vision, we design our service provision in collaboration with all stakeholders – from clientele teams to individual users. We build an immersive and inclusive framework whereby outcomes are at the start of our thought processes.


Our company ethos “small enough to care large enough to deliver” is central to our core values. Our team exemplifies a dogeared determination to get results. Real change and impactful thinking mean that we are always ahead of the curve. Our expertly trained team members will always look outwards to meet your demands and operational needs.


Working with CFM Solutions allows you to focus on the core of your business, without having to worry about building compliance, cleanliness of the workplace, keeping your assets secure and ensuring your workplace is a safe environment.


We are pleased to offer a wide range of facilities maintenance services to our clients in London and East Anglia. Our experience within the housing development and associated industry sectors has allowed us to build up a network of partners and directly employed staff who can assist in the delivery of a wide variety of facility and maintenance requirements.

We can provide these services alongside ongoing Security Services or independently. Utilisation of services beyond security enables you to progress your organisation, confident that support services are expertly delivered. We surpass in all areas and you will benefit from aligning with a reputable and respected company.

At the heart of CFM, we relentlessly pursue excellence and demand high levels of service delivery at every turn. We excel and pride ourselves in our unbeatable high standards of customer care and support across all divisions. Your opinion counts, "we listen and always deliver."

Development Security

We offer a range of security solutions for private & social housing developments/schemes. We reduce loss and provide deterrence, a winning combination that gives you a return on your investment.

Static Guarding

We protect your premises against unauthorised access, disruptive behavior, damage, and theft. We monitor your business through foot patrols and provide support teams that can review, manage & escalate security protocol


Mobile Patrol

Our fully insured, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response service is in accordance with BS7984 requirements, & provides a cost-effective and visible solution to low-risk sites.


Our Event Service consists of crowd management, provision of stewarding teams, and we even offer a consultancy service that helps clients with any event-related security dilemmas.

We are able to offer and provide tailor-made, bespoke security solutions fit for a range of occasions always delivering top tier quality in any circumstance.


We can provide Alarm Response and Patrol Services throughout London and East Anglia. This includes a wide variety of solutions for housing development at any stage, vacant properties, open/ communal spaces, and buildings sites.

Our operatives are professional in approach, proactive, and incredibly responsive. Our training programmes ensure that adaptability and fortitude are at the core of our service delivery.

  • Bespoke professional representation & unparalleled customer service

  • We deliver your brand identity & Company Ethos

  • Multi-skilled concierge professionals trained to the highest standards in customer service, security, and front of house roles

  • Experienced in multiple sectors, providing solutions for even the most complex businesses

  • Diffusion of unwanted situations by trained professionals - keeping your business safe from harm


A comprehensive Concierge Service delivered by expert security professionals acting as the first point of contact for your business - multi-talented in the roles of Receptionist, Front of House, and licensed Security Operatives.


We provide uniformed Concierge for Residential and Corporate Sites trained to assist with both Security and Fire Safety arrangements for your building.


Preparation of a Plan

In many situations, existing plans will be obsolete. Whatever the circumstance, we can work with you to develop and revise a plan.

Definition of requirements

What is it that you are actually trying to achieve. We can assist you in clarifying your vision, objectives, and requirements.

Support for Project Management

It is always more affordable and easier to integrate facility considerations into such a process when it is done at the earliest possible stage.

Development of specifications

Implementation of measures, streamlining costs just some considerations to be made.

Risk assessments

We identify and catalogue variables adhering to compliance directives and safeguard measures.


Any active or passive measure, e.g. a lock, or additional security guard, is a countermeasure. We can assist with reviewing and considering the entire spectrum of available countermeasures across facilities available for implementation.


We help you make better, informed decisions about your business and environment based on changing regulatory requirements and your business needs.

Post-Incident Response

Incidents and “near misses” are often the catalyst for change. We can provide a focused review of plans, procedures, after an incident, with a view towards escalation procedures and rapid improvements.


Our methodical and inclusive approach encompasses our ideology that when preparation meets opportunity the best version of your company is made. We creatively devise bespoke solutions and continually seek to review and modify where necessary to keep momentum and engage interest so nothing ever becomes staid.

CFM provides all of the above and more...just ask.


We understand that everyone is different and as such varied approaches and needs must be met in a cost-effective cohesive plan. We have successfully implemented and devised active approaches to everyday problems that have achieved positive results. If you have a problem we can solve it. As a fresh and innovative company, our strengths lie in the ability to anticipate change and integrate working practices that will yield dividends.


Our personnel where applicable are SIA approved and also participate in our bespoke training programme. This programme will train all personnel in:


  • How to interact with the community

  • Conflict management

  • Urban security approach

  • Customer service


Time to Elevate

We recruit people from within the local community/area.

Successful applicants will then embark on our bespoke training programme before being assigned to deliver a CFM facilities management service in the locality.

We got you

We look after our people and they look after our business. For a customer to trust us with the protection of their most valuable assets, we must provide the highest quality personnel that deliver reassurance and peace of mind.


This is achieved through combining highly accredited recruitment processes, training, welfare practices and staff development. It ensures our staff are comfortable with their roles and responsibilities within the client’s environment and equipped to fulfil them.


CFM recognises that education and training are vital components in providing a very high standard of service. By detailing an individual bespoke training programme, we exceed industry standards and contract specific specifications.


We ensure our employees are not only able to meet ours and your exacting standards but that they are able to participate more fully. This creates greater awareness, commitment, job satisfaction, improved understanding, and self-development.

CFM can help you "unlock your potential."

Our operatives can help to facilitate access to your building and locking up within our costs, a more convenient and cost-effective Specialist cleaning service.

  • Office Cleaning

  • Post Site Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Cleaning for Landlords

  • Window Cleaning

Services we cover include Grounds Maintenance, Lighting Maintenance/Repair and Portable Application (PAT) Testing, Entry Gates & Fencing and Steel Doors & Shutters and much more.


We are experienced providers of 24/7 Waking Watch (Fire Watch) services for commercial & residential buildings.


We can deploy personnel such as Fire Wardens, and Marshalls quickly and economically to ensure the safety of your building's inhabitants.

  • Reassurance that staff & assets are protected

  • Elimination of fire risks

  • Ongoing management of fire safety

  • Enhanced compliance


We are pleased to offer a wide range of cleaning services to our clients in London & East Anglia.


We provide a range of commercial cleaning services including office or retail premises, after builders cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction cleaning, IT sanitising and high-level window cleaning. Our Support Services can be provided alongside on-going security services or independently.


By extending your use of our services beyond security we can ensure that your support services are provided by a company that you can trust for high standards of customer care, health & safety accreditation whilst simplifying your accounts processes.

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